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Does this app work? (Mac Catalina)

Discussion in 'Questions and Support' started by JNDGroup, Jan 3, 2020.

  1. JNDGroup

    JNDGroup New Member

    I used to use Teleport until a few years ago when it was abandoned and stopped working on my Macs. I then went to one computer on two screens and Apples implementation was fine for using two screens. This week I've bought a new machine (Mac Pro 2013) and plan on using it in conjunction with my workhorse iMac to do my (graphic design) work.

    So I went in search of a useable cross-screen mouse/keyboard program but I was surprised at how few choices there are for what should be a simple operation (well, simple if you're not the one writing code, lol).

    I came across Across (sorry), and it looked like just what I needed. Instead of dinking around with a hobbled demo version I paid for a license first thing and then downloaded the program.

    I have given the app permissions to do what it needs to but when I go to turn the app on, it deselects its button and the operable options in the menu bar are grayed out. I'm not a newbie to finicky 3rd party utilities on the Mac platform so I don't think its me. But after reading through some of the forums here, it seems like this program is having issues with the latest OS?

    I'm running Catalina on good hardware. Neither of my machines can get past the permissions stage of installation.

    Any help for this?

    thanks all.
  2. Seungjin Lee

    Seungjin Lee Member


    First, please read carefully our manual: http://www.acrosscenter.com/manual/install-remove-osx.
    Especially, two note parts:
    Second, please refer to the right below posting: https://community.acrosscenter.com/...om-launchd-in-catalina-10-15-2.243/#post-1155

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