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Which computer to install Across on?

Discussion in 'Questions and Support' started by Stephen Fortner, Oct 22, 2020.

  1. Stephen Fortner

    Stephen Fortner New Member

    Newbie here. I have two 27-inch iMacs side by side on my desk, a 2012 and 2017. The newer, faster model is for video editing and music production; the older one is now relegated to the business/office/writing machine. (I create content for the music products industry for a living.) Is there a best practice for which machine I should install Across on and use as the Across server? For example, if I use the slower iMac (which is where I normally keep everything but media creation apps), would anything about the communications affect the performance of the faster iMac? Thanks.
  2. Stephen Fortner

    Stephen Fortner New Member

    Whelp, I answered that one for myself. You install it on both and set one as the server and the other as the client. Like I said, newbie.
  3. Seungjin Lee

    Seungjin Lee Member

    Hi, Across consumes negligible CPU and memory usage, and therefore it works as light as a feather event in a fairly old Mac. (For example, my white Macbook with OSX 10.7)
  4. Jeremy

    Jeremy New Member

    That being said, I have found that I have better luck with certain features running the server on my newer mac and client on the older. I was originally running server on my high sierra mac and client on my catalina mac and had a few bugs with mouse dragging and such. Switched the client server relationship and no issues since then.
  5. Mikage.kun

    Mikage.kun New Member

    Has anyone had any luck using Across with a Microsoft Surface Pro as the server?
    I started using the trial with that config, but it simply would not connect to other devices. The connection would appear to happen, then time out. I've managed to determine there is something with my Surface Pro that prevents it from working. I tested with another Windows 10 PC and it can pair with devices without issue.
    Any advice is appreciated. I really need it to run from my Surface Pro, that that being the server.

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