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new user with few questions : mac client doesnt stay connected, windows client missing letters

Discussion in 'Questions and Support' started by nico, Apr 6, 2020.

  1. nico

    nico New Member


    I am a new user so I will probably some stupid questions. I have the following setup :

    left : surface pro
    center : windows laptop
    left : macbook

    the connection works great between my surface and and my server. I could not install a client on the surface but its fine i can just use the middle button on the mouse to switch. However some keys are missing. The keyboard layout on my server is US QWERTY and on my surface its CH QWERTZ, but i have changed the settings on the surface with no success. I have not registered yet the app, so maybe its a limitation of the free trial?

    the connection on my macbook is a bit more complicated. basically the macbook doesnt stay connected, i need to open the across center on the server and to reconnect, is it normal? my surface remain connected all the time but not my macbook.

    also, if i solve these problems, i would like to buy a license but the paypal link doesnt seem to work anymore, how can i do?

    Thanks a lot for this great app, i actually find it more convenient than Synergy, as it is not mandatory to install a client, also the mouse is stuttering less.
  2. sormaz

    sormaz New Member

    Can't help with the connection issue, but for missing keys:

    1. The limitation of trial version
    The trial version only works without any limit for 30 minutes after computer starts. After the 30 minutes, mouse works without any limit, but when you input keyboard to a client device with the trial version, you will be unable to input the Q,W,E,I,O,P keys of a keyboard (the A,Z,E,I,O,P keys of a French keyboard) to the device. Also, the length of the clipboard text that can be synchronized between devices is limited. All network operations stop.

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