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Mouse movement on Android Devices is awkward.

Discussion in 'Questions and Support' started by Kyungwook Ko, Aug 8, 2016.

  1. Kyungwook Ko

    Kyungwook Ko New Member

    Hi, i've bought Across product today.
    I thought sharing PC's mouse & keyboard via BT was a great idea.

    But the mouse movement is really awkward,
    Mouse cursor moves slowly and continuously on the Android Device.
    My mobile device is G4 from LG.

    And the mouse movement sensitivity is also awkward,
    It moves much slower than in PC and response time is not so good so that I cannot click the small content on my mobile device.

    Could you share your test environment for the android device?
    i.e. mouse acceleration, mouse speed, etc...

    It seems to move on a certain direction regarding on the movement when I click the mouse middle button.

    Keyboard feature works find.
  2. Kyungwook Ko

    Kyungwook Ko New Member

    I've been investigating this issue with mouse configurations.
    And I found the very reason of this issue as "how often server transmit mouse information to the clients."

    I've tuned down mouse position pulling time from 1000 to 125, and it becomes quite not bad. (it's still not so good, though)
    ( I'm using G700s from logitech, pulling time can be modified by logitech setting S/W.)

    I think transmit interval should be fixed appropriately regarding speed of Bluetooth transmit speed.
    Server application should calculate mouse position by accumulating the incoming mouse position information and transmit at designated interval.
  3. Seungjin Lee

    Seungjin Lee Member

    Hi Kyungwook Ko,

    Thanks for your purchase and sharing your experience.
    Your observation is absolutely right. BT isn't so fast communication and the BT HID specification suggests 80 for mouse for the pulling time.
    You're right. Resampling is required to adjust data input rate to BT transmission rate.

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