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Magic Mouse Gestures not working

Discussion in 'Questions and Support' started by JamesH, Dec 16, 2019.

  1. JamesH

    JamesH New Member

    So, I have two Macs:
    1: 2018 Mini - running 10.14.6 - Acting as server
    2: 2016 MacBook Pro - running 10.14.6

    Have installed across and did an initial bluetooth only config, all works well, as a keyboarder and mouse so yay me.
    Read the documentation realize to have the MacBook client see gestures they need a network connection, so luckily I have a spare ethernet port on each machine's dock, direct cable them and give them their own little lan, again works like a champ and the across control center is showing all 4 communications paths available.

    Now for the sticker - No gestures are getting sent to the MacBook, not even 2 finger scrolling. Needless to say this has make this kind of useless - its amazing how much those gestures matter to my workflow.

    I have pinged support here at across and they were unable to come up with a solution, so I am tossing this out to the wider audience to see if there are any suggestions on how I could debug and fix this.

    Many thanks to all

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