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Error Code: 1

Discussion in 'Questions and Support' started by Paul, Nov 25, 2019.

  1. Paul

    Paul New Member

    I just purchased a license for the 1st time and upon entering the activation key I am presented with "Error Occurred. (Error Code: 1)"

    What do I need to do to get this to activate?
  2. Seungjin Lee

    Seungjin Lee Member


    Thanks for your purchase.
    Please try to completely remove, reinstall across and then activate your key again.
  3. Paul

    Paul New Member

    Thanks for the response.

    I did what you said. and uninstalling then reinstalling didn't help, I still cannot enter my activation key and get the same error code.
  4. Seungjin Lee

    Seungjin Lee Member

    Did you remove across completely by choosing the option from the messagebox during uninstalling?

    You need to remove across completely, reinstall and then try to activate your key.
  5. Paul

    Paul New Member

    Here is what I did.

    Went to add/remove programs and clicked uninstall Across. I chose to completely remove all components. Another window popped up and I chose not to save any personal settings. Rebooted the computer, and reinstalled Across. After rebooting the computer again after installing, I entered the key, and got the error again.
  6. Seungjin Lee

    Seungjin Lee Member

    Please send an image capturing the license manager window showing the error and your product key to support AT acrosscenter.com.

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