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Error 28

Discussion in 'Questions and Support' started by Robonius, Dec 20, 2018.

  1. Robonius

    Robonius New Member

    Getting an Error 28 when trying to activate the license key.
  2. Almostwo

    Almostwo New Member

    I have the same problem,

    I can't even do the offline activation because i got the Error Code 28.
  3. Seungjin Lee

    Seungjin Lee Member

    Hi, Almostwo,

    Here is the description of the Error Code 28:
    Message code (in Decimal): 28


    There are network adapters on the system that are disabled and
    TurboActivate couldn't read their hardware properties (even after trying
    and failing to enable the adapters automatically). Enable the network adapters,
    re-run the function, and TurboActivate will be able to "remember" the adapters
    even if the adapters are disabled in the future.

    Note: The network adapters do not need an active Internet connections. They just
    need to not be disabled. Whether they are or are not connected to the
    internet/intranet is not important and does not affect this error code at all.

    See: https://wyday.com/limelm/help/faq/#disabled-adapters
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  4. Almostwo

    Almostwo New Member

    That Work,


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