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Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to various common questions you may have

General Questions

Q1.1. My computer does not have a Bluetooth controller. Can I use Across in this case?
Yes, you can, but you need a USB Bluetooth dongle. There are many USB Bluetooth dongles in the market and most of them are dirt cheap.
Q1.2. Are there any constraints on Across relative to the Bluetooth version?
No. You can use Across on all Bluetooth versions.

Installing & Uninstalling

Q2.1. My Android smartphone/tabletPC can’t access to the Google Play store. Can I install Across Client on my device?
Yes, please follow the steps below to install Across Client on your device. However if your device can access to the Google Play store, use the Google Play store. Also do not use other APK files except the official APK file from the link below.
  1. You must first allow your device to install from “Unknown Sources”. To do this, navigate to Settings > Security (or Applications in some devices) and check the box marked “Unknown Sources” (or turn on “Apps from Unknown Sources” in some devices).
  2. Download the Across Client APK file on your device using this link.
  3. Tap the downloaded Across Client APK file to install.
  4. Once Across Client installation done, don’t forget to uncheck “Unknown Sources” (or turn off “Apps from Unknown Sources” in some devices) that you activated in the first step.


Q3.1. The activated product key keeps being automatically deactivated. What’s the matter?
Please check if the system clock of your computer is correct or not. If the system clock is not correct, please fix it.
Q3.2. I’d like to change the email address that is related to my product key. How can I do?

Please send a message using the following form by the Contact Us:

Subject: Please change the email address for my product key(s).

Hello. I’d like to change the email address that is related to my product key(s).

Old email address: (e.g. old@email.com)

New email address: (e.g. new@email.com)

Product key(s) that will be related to the new email address:

(e.g. (The first 4-digit for each product key will be enough)

    1. A1B2
2. C3D4

Keyboard Mouse Sharing

Q4.1. When a client device has input focus, the typed keys input to the Across Server computer instead of the client device. What's the matter?
If you are using a special keyboard security software (for example, anti-keylogger), the software may prevent Across from sharing keyboard with your client device. In this case, please disable or remove the software that caused the issue.
Q4.2. Everything works fine except that I cannot input the Q,W,E,I,O,P keys (A,Z,E,I,O,P keys for a French keyboard) to a client device. What's the matter?

Trial version has the following limitation (which is stated in the download page):

The trial version only works without any limit for 30 minutes after computer starts. After the 30 minutes, mouse works without any limit, but when you input keyboard to a client device with the trial version, you will be unable to input the Q,W,E,I,O,P keys of a keyboard (the A,Z,E,I,O,P keys of a French keyboard) to the device. Also, the length of the clipboard text that can be synchronized between devices is limited. All network operations stop.

If your issue is not the case, please don't hesitate to let us know.

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