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No MacOS support - where to get refund?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by c3c, Apr 4, 2022.

  1. c3c

    c3c New Member

    It seems while the store happily collects money for MacOS licenses, it is well known here that this product does not work on MacOS for over 4 months.

    Other companies have worked with Apple, and gotten their products to work, by making product changes.

    You are welcome to blame Apple, but not while taking my money through false representation.
  2. MacOSMonterey user

    MacOSMonterey user New Member

    I agree fully It totally sucks. As a liftime licence holder of across I regret to have to say that. Just change the Bluetooth library for the Mac implementation... should be a days work if across has a decent architecture

    There are as you say fully functional alternatives .. so the problem is the Bluetooth library in Across and the reluctance to remove it.

    I have switched to https://www.sharemouse.com/
    Which has NO problem to get a Bluetooth connection om MacOS Monterey and windows.

    Any official statements from Across on this?
  3. Seungjin Lee

    Seungjin Lee Member

    Hi, guys,

    Please let us know the first 4-digit of your license key. Also, if you want to get refunded, please contact us with your order number or license key or you email address related with your license key.
    Last edited: May 20, 2022
  4. jeglin

    jeglin New Member

    I've also switched to ShareMouse; however, I technically don't agree that it has no problem getting a BT connection – it uses the network and not BT as far as I can tell. The lifetime standard license costs WAY less than Across and it can be used for FREE on 2 computers and 2 screens (and the licensed features will even work fully for 30 min, so for limited work it's a really good solution). So far I find ShareMouse's connectivity and mouse/keyboard response to be every bit as good as Across. My only complaint about ShareMouse is that their sales staff are idiots and don't understand their own product – typical of kids these days I guess.

    I'm also a lifetime Across license holder but I've had it long enough that I don't think it's fair to ask for a refund, and I may go through the onerous stage of deactivating my license and reactivating it on another pair of computers, so I'm not asking for a refund (although I FULLY support those that do). OTOH, my question about network connectivity (as opposed to BT), posted to Questions and Support, has been ignored for several days, which I'm disappointed about as a lifetime license holder. Just sayin.

    I have $$ and am willing to spend it to support software developers. I do like Across, but for now, my recommendation is ShareMouse, even if Monterey's BT stack is fixed!
  5. Jeremy

    Jeremy New Member

    One issue I have that I've only found Across to solve (and not in network mode even) is properly sending left/right modifiers. Under the keyboard events stack used by most network kvm's the modifiers get picked up the same regardless of the side, and I use some things that depend on correctly interpreting right shift vs left shift, etc. In Across (network) I believe it is picked up as a generic shift, in Teleport, the same, in Barrier both right and left shift get picked up as right shift (I believe this is true of option and command as well). Strange in the latter two, since they are based off the same code. I'm assuming sharemouse probably has the same issue, but I haven't ever evaluated it.

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