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More flexible modifier key mapping

Discussion in 'Feature Suggestions' started by Knox, Apr 22, 2020.

  1. Knox

    Knox New Member


    I've just found across and it works really well !

    I'm using it as Mac (Server) -> Windows (Client).
    However I think the 'Swap the control and command keys' option is a bit limited:

    On Mac I have the modifier keys layout as: Ctrl, Option (Alt), Command, just the same as the standard Apple Keyboard. So when using across I would got this layout for Windows: Ctrl, Alt, Win. i.e. Command is mapping to Win.
    Though on Windows the most common keyboard layout would be: Ctrl, Win, Alt, and I've built a strong muscle memory for it :)

    So it would be great for across to support 'Swap option and command keys' as well, or more generally, support arbitrarily mappings between modifier keys in different OS.

    I'm thinking something like the modifier mapping function from the macOS:


    Please do tell me your thoughts about it.


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