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Closing immediately

Discussion in 'Questions and Support' started by jeb, Jun 20, 2024.

  1. jeb

    jeb New Member

    This app looks just like what I need! But when I start it, it asks for my password so it can "make changes", and then immediately closes again :(

    Running MacOS Sonoma. I've given it accessibility, input monitoring, and full disk access.

    Any ideas?
  2. Seungjin Lee

    Seungjin Lee Member

    Hello, jeb,

    I'm afraid you would not use our app in Sonoma.
    Thank you.
  3. jeb

    jeb New Member

    Well I would, but it seem's that I can't?? Are you still updating it for Sonoma?
  4. Seungjin Lee

    Seungjin Lee Member

    I am suspecting apple would steal my idea -- Universal Control, moreover they would prevent us from using their classic APIs provided from old MacOS's. If you have this situation, do you want to develop an app for the OS?
  5. jeb

    jeb New Member

    Not sure what you mean exactly - you don't want to update your software in case Apple copy it?! Maybe I'm missing your point, but that's an odd strategy... as is suggesting a potential customer makes it themselves ;)

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