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Across 1.33 and 2.00.beta2 Released

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by across, Nov 20, 2017.

  1. across

    across Administrator

    Hello everyone,

    We are excited to announce the release of Across 1.33 and 2.00.beta2!

    The 1.33 update concentrates on stabilizing underlying modules and fixing some severe and several minor bugs, rather than adding new features, in all platforms. Notably, this version has fixed the problem in macOS 10.13 High Sierra − when macOS 10.13 Mac works as a client, Bluetooth HID connection is not made with server.

    Another suprising news is the release of Across v2, though the current version is beta. The Across v2 supports TCP/IP network in addition to exising Bluetooth for keyboard/mouse sharing, filecopy and clipboard data synchronization between devices. It was hard to implement the new features through Bluetooth, since Bluetooth communication is far slower than network. Therefore, the Across v2 makes you pretty much seamlessly control all your gadgets with a single set of keyboard and mouse as if they were one.

    Download Across v2.beta2

    New Features of the Across v2
    1. Easy and intuitive User Interface to set up and use

    2. Perfectly secure network environment through Bluetooth communication between Across Server & Clients
    • Across Server and Clients register each other in whitelist and then other computers not listed in whitelist are not allowed to connect; No need to use Firewall S/W to secure connections
    • All network data is encrypted by TLS (Transport Layer Security; advanced SSL)
    • Dynamic generation of TLS certificates rather than fixed certificate embedded in binary files
    • Automatically configures Windows Firewall with the most secure settings
    • uses only one user configurable TCP port; The default port number is random
    • Automatically detects change of network settings and set up network connection through Bluetooth
    • supports IPv4 & IPv6
    3. Keyboard/Mouse Sharing through network in addition to existing Bluetooth HID
    • supports high resolution pointing devices
    • supports Mac trackpad Gesture between Mac's
    • Keyboard/Mouse Input Channel is selectable between Bluetooth and network
    4. Just copy and paste file/data between computers
    • User shared folders are natively mapped/mounted as a network drive/volume in Explorer/Finder; You can browse shared folders by opening the mapped drive/mounted volume in Explorer/Finder.
    • Just copy files/folders in shared folders in one computer and then paste them wherever you want in other computers
    • Supported types for Clipboard synchronization: text, HTML (Microsoft Office Clipboard Format), RTF, image
    • Direct file/data copy by peer-to-peer connection is much faster than via intermediate Cloud server (OneDrive/iCloud/Google Drive)
    5. High-speed network communication implemented by modern network programming

    6. Low CPU/memory usage and small binary files footprint

    Core Changes of GUI in the Across v2
    Across Server



    Across Client


    Download Across v2.beta2

    The Across v2 will be launched officially in the Q1 of 2018, with Linux and Android versions. The current beta version is enough stable to use daily. If you have purchased a license for the v1, you can use the v2 without any limitations, with the license.

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