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trouble connecting the mac os across client to my windows across server

Discussion in 'Questions and Support' started by Sarah Alawami, Oct 22, 2019.

  1. Sarah Alawami

    Sarah Alawami New Member

    I sent this to what i hope are the support staff as well. I do want to try this out but so far I'm not impressed. Anyway enough of my yammering. Here is my problem. Blessings and happy Tuesday. Sorry if I come across (no pun intended) as hostel or rude. I've ben troubleshooting this since last night and have not slept well, and need to teach a class at 3 pm today. Lol! Ok, question follows.

    I own a mac with mac os 10.15 on it. exact build is

    ProductVersion: 10.15.1

    BuildVersion: 19B77a

    Anyway I can't get the mac to see the across server on the windows side. I go to the extras menu and click add server but the server does not appear at all under bluetooth. I made sure the server on windows was enabled but what am I missing. I am using a corsair k63 wireless keyboard on the windows side of things. Is this where I'm going wrong? Also how does the across side work on iOs, I read in the front page it does but the manual is so badly written I cannot make heads or tails of it, and I can't find an official support team to talk to in regard to the app. Frankly I'm displeased, until I get this working and I will not buy the product until I do

    Take care all and happy Tuesday.
  2. Sarah Alawami

    Sarah Alawami New Member

    Here is what I'm seeing when I try and add a server. My windows machine is on but all the manual says is to right click the doc icon on the mac and click add server. I can't do that as nothingn shows up per the screen cap.

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