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Mouse dragging issues OS X

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by Jeremy, Mar 21, 2019.

  1. Jeremy

    Jeremy New Member

    There are a few issues here, so listing them out.
    1st, my configuration
    Sever runs on macOS 10.13, resolution 1368x768 with second monitor positioned above with resolution 1920x1080.
    Client runs on macOS 10.14, otherwise same configuration with second monitor above.

    Issues are as follows.
    1) Not really an issue, but noting that if mouse dragging is enabled I have to drag from the second monitor to the across client machine.
    2) If setting mouse mode to relative coordinate mouse, the mouse becomes trapped on the client side 100% of the time. No other issues, returns to the sever with hotkey.
    3) If setting mouse mode to absolute coordinate mouse, the cursor can move back and forth between machines, but move a few pixels into the client machine and gets stuck (cursor will not move).
    4) If setting mouse mode to absolute coordinate touch device things work really well except I cannot move the pointer up to the second monitor on the client machine.

    Without the external monitors, setting to absolute coordinate touch device works perfectly (with mouse pointer moving back and forth correctly).
  2. Seungjin Lee

    Seungjin Lee Member

    Hello, Jeremey,

    Thanks for your report. :)

    The codes from previous versions of across were too messy and it was very painful to find/fix SW bugs and add some features. So, I decided to rewrite all the codes and now am very satisfied with the new codes having a consistent architecture across Windows, macOS and linux. It took a long time and we must thank all across users who trust us and endure the the period with no SW updates.

    I will consider your report before releasing the new version, but please understand that it should be high prioritized to release the new version at the earliest. Following the next version release, SW updates will be very regularly released because of good codes.

    P.S.: I read a user reported scroll direction issue between Mac's, but the posting was deleted during backup restoration to remove spam articles. I have fixed the issue and made the scroll direction work consistently across all devices including a Windows PC. Thanks a lot to the user.
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  3. Jeremy

    Jeremy New Member

    Thanks for the update Seungjin. Please update the thread whenever you've had a chance to look at this. I'll also update if I see a change in behavior when the new version is released.
  4. Max Cascone

    Max Cascone New Member

    I have the same issue, and i didn't always have it, it just started one day. I can move the mouse to the client screen, and it will not go back to the server. Hot key works fine.

    Very interesting, and thanks to your post, Jeremy, I tried using Absolute Coordinate Touch Device, and the screen dragging worked again.

    For the record, my Server is Win 10, client is Mac OS X 10.11.6.

    The pointer is actually a little jumpy like this. I may just stick back to no screen dragging and using the hotkeys. But I wanted Seunjin to have this additional data point.
  5. Ra Ti

    Ra Ti New Member

    Reviving an old thread because its still relevant for me. My server is MacOS 10.15 and client is also the same. Relative Coordinate mouse works fine but its not smooth on the client machine. When I select Absolute Coordinate, mouse doesnt travel to the second monitor on the client machine.

    If I move the mouse to the second monitor using touchpad on client Mac, now it stays bound to the second monitor and doesnt travel to the primary monitor. Hot keys and moving back and forth between server and client work fine.

    Any suggestions?
  6. Seungjin Lee

    Seungjin Lee Member

    Hi, Ra Ti,

    That's the limitation of the absolute coordinate mode. Each modes have pros and cons.
  7. A Chan

    A Chan New Member

    Similar issue but slightly different. When set to absolute, I can move between client/server on a Mac/Mac configuration. However on the client machine, I can't click and drag to move a window more than a few pixels. If I choose relative mode, then I get pointer stuck on client unless I use hotkey. Any advise?
  8. JTT

    JTT New Member

    Hi, I'm having the same issue as above. When using "Absolute Coordinate Mouse" I cannot click+drag windows around on the client machine. They move a few pixels and let go. Both machines are running macOS (10.15.7) and using the latest trial download. Was there any solution for getting that working?
  9. Seungjin Lee

    Seungjin Lee Member

    No for the current version available in our download page. I did fix it and it will be reflected in the next version. Just use the "Relative Coordinate Mouse" mode, in the mean time. For the relative coordinate mouse, you should not experience the problem A Chan reported in well-configured circumstance. For your reference, you need configuration mentioned in our manual in both server and client macs:

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