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Keyboard controls client device but mouse pointer still moves on server only

Discussion in 'Questions and Support' started by Jake C, Jan 9, 2020.

  1. Jake C

    Jake C New Member

    Hi, I just installed Across and it mostly seems to fit my needs except that the touchpad on my input device (Surface Go) doesn't move the pointer on the connected device (a Mac). The keyboard and a USB mouse attached to the server works fine. I think the touchpad might have worked for a brief time initially but it doesn't seem to work now.

    Any advice for any settings or anything that I could change to get it working? Thanks!
  2. Jake C

    Jake C New Member

    After a restart, it worked again, but only briefly.
    I noticed that the scroll acceleration was too fast, so I tried to change it by opening the Windows touchpad settings. But after closing the settings window, the touchpad stopped working in Across. (of course it still works in the server's Windows environment).
  3. Jake C

    Jake C New Member

    Edited the title because I'm still having this issue. In fact, the keyboard is working to control the client device (I've tried a few of them and this problem is not limited to a Mac) -- but the mouse pointer still moves and clicks on the server.

    Again, restarting Windows usually fixes it, but only temporarily until something causes it to go back into this state.

    This thread has been around for a month with no reply; is anyone from Across monitoring?

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