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Is it possible to make this work with a PS4?

Discussion in 'Questions and Support' started by bryonus, Mar 23, 2020.

  1. bryonus

    bryonus New Member

    I noticed the across client is not required for set up. I was able to connect to my Android phone via Bluetooth which I think is awesome. When I attempted to connect to my Playstation 4 it says "This bluetooth device is not supported". I know Bluetooth doesn't support many headsets, something to do with A2BP.

    It appears that when I try to connect my PC to my PS4 via Bluetooth to start the connection I am unable to connect those two devices. I guess this is getting a little bit away from Across but would this have to do with the adapter Im using or am I just SOL on this issue?

    edit: I should also note. Some people have a similar issue with their headsets not being supported, what they do is get a Bluetooth USB receiver similiar to:
    Rather than connecting to the ps4's Bluetooth they're now just connecting to that USB. Problem is it appears to only work with audio devices.

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