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conflict: voice choppy over bluetooth headset or mouse slow in combination (issue 2 of many)

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by Derek, Feb 14, 2017.

  1. Derek

    Derek New Member

    voice choppy or mouse acting slow on phone when across used with other bluetooth headset devices. AAAARRRRGGHHHH! i have many more bugs to report. and yes - using all current software win 10, android 6, current versions of your software as at todays date.
  2. Derek

    Derek New Member

    conflict with plantronics 5220 headset
  3. m_d

    m_d New Member

    Same problem here in combination with a Plantronics Voyager Legend.
  4. Peter

    Peter New Member

    Was this ever addressed? I've had to disable my bluetooth connection to any headset/speaker on my server machine as the mouse is constantly choppy enough to be unusable.
  5. Elvis Peralta

    Elvis Peralta New Member

    I have a similar problem, I have paired to bluetooth an UE BOOM 2 speaker to my Mackbook Pro and when ever I hover to next device iPad Pro the audio on the speaker starts to sound choppy to the point that it gets annoying, but as soon as I hover back and lock the screen of the iPad audio goes back to normal.

    Anybody with updates?
  6. Seungjin Lee

    Seungjin Lee Member

    I have been thinking about this issue and conclude that across can affect to a BT sound device. We will look further into this issue and try to fix it.
    Thanks in advance for your patience.
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  7. Andrew Anderson

    Andrew Anderson New Member

    Hello I have the Sony XM4 Headphones and every time I turn it on to connect to my pc, the mouse speed significantly decreases ony my iPad M1 and everything becomes choppy. As soon as I turn it off the issue is resolved. Any thoughts on why this occurs and if it's possible to fix in the near future?

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