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Across Version 2.10 – Release Note

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Seungjin Lee, Mar 12, 2020.

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  1. Seungjin Lee

    Seungjin Lee Member

    Across has a new family member – Across for Linux! All operations of Across for Linux are identical to Across for Windows and macOS. Though only Intel/AMD x86_64 & x86 versions are available right now, ARM versions will be provided within a week or so.
    Another great news is our license policy is changed to “Pay What You Want” model. From version 2.10, Across does not have any limitation measures to its usage while our previous versions needed annual license renewal. Just pay what you want without worrying about license renewal for your lifetime use. What if you do not want to pay? No problem. If you are satisfied with using Across, we will be happy.
    While we have been focusing on implementation of Linux version, we enhanced some features and fixed many bugs for Windows and macOS versions. Here are some notable changes:

    I. Across for Windows
    1. The Keyboard Hotkey indicator window was changed to have a look like the below picture:

    II. Across for macOS
    1. Across depends on some opensource libraries including OpenSSL and libxml2, and used the default ones macOS has, on previous versions. But the macOS default libraries are too old version. We built the latest version of OpenSSL and libxml2 and embedded them into our .app package on all macOS’s. Across uses the embedded binary and libraries instead of the macOS default ones from this version. Therefore, you do not need to install OpenSSL manually from this version.
    2. We embedded acrossd into our .app package instead of /usr/local/sbin used on previous versions. You do not have to do anything except on macOS 10.14~10.15. For macOS 10.14~10.15, you have to register Across Center.app as exceptions in Security & Privacy from the System Preferences. (You could remember that you need to register acrossd on previous versions of across.) Across Center.app is in /Applications/Across/.
    A. For keyboard/mouse sharing
    B. For file access from other devices paired with your Mac
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